Heather Scott teaches at The Waldorf School of San Diego, where she’s been teaching for close to twenty years and is the parent of an alum.  She’s in her second year teaching high school Humanities and is an Alma Partner, passionate about Social Justice.  Through Alma Partners, she has worked with Sunbridge Institute and Waldorf schools across the country and Canada on diversity and inclusion.

Heather is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and The University of New Hampshire and received her Waldorf Teacher’s Certificate from Antioch University New England.   

The Waldorf Institute continues to be a lifeline for all who are interested in taking up the profession of Waldorf teaching in San Diego and beyond. Parents at the Waldorf School of San Diego and Sanderling join the program to learn more about their children's education and then find their passion to teach! New Waldorf schools open up due to students who graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit and Waldorf education therefore continues to grow and flourish. In San Diego County we now have Sparrow Academy, Rock Rose Village School and Friends of WillowTree, what to speak of smaller day care programs, EC programs and pods.
Our 3-year part-time teacher education program spans personal development as well as child development, incorporates practical activities in both the arts and sciences and teaches musical skills and movement so that the new teacher can stand fully prepared before their class. It is always a wonder for us to watch a 3rd year student present a favorite topic to their peers or perform a leading role in a class play. The growth and confidence they display is a constant reminder of the healing quality of this educational path, both for the adults as well as the children!
San Diego County, by its very nature, is a diverse community. There are people from all over the world who come to San Diego to live and work. We also have the Marines and the Navy! Added to this, our institute has connections in Tijuana and students who were able to cross the border from Mexico each Saturday to join us before Covid hit. Thank goodness for zoom! Our student community is made up of many different nationalities and cultures which allows different and unique perspectives to arise for discussion and developing new friendships. Our teachers are experienced and just as passionate about Waldorf education after 30 years of teaching as they were when they started their careers!
We create life-long learners!
Come join us. You will have trusted friends for a lifetime!
Co-Directors, Waldorf Institute, San Diego