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The Waldorf Institute continues to be a lifeline for many who are interested in taking up the profession of
Waldorf teaching.

At Waldorf Institute San Diego, we take a non-traditional approach to the admission process to our core program.


Those who wish to benefit society through the education and care of children who are drawn to the nourishing and healing potential of Waldorf education. 

What are the pre-requisites?

AWSNA member schools and the parents of the children we serve generally prefer that teachers hold a college degree, although it is not a requirement for admission to Waldorf Institute. 


When Can I Start?

There are three starting points for students: Summer semester -late June, Fall semester -beginning of September, Winter/Spring-beginning of January.

Students at different stages of the program are brought together in most classes offering greater mentorship and peer connection within our cirucular curriculum: grades 1-3 for one year followed by 4-5, and 6-8 the final year.

How Much Will It Cost?

Our suggested tuition is $8,800 per year. We can help you apply for available grants and other financial aid to help off-set the costs for the student and the program alike. Flexible payment plans are available. If what remains after financial aid is applied remains a barrier to you answering the call to enter in this work, our Accessible to All Program makes it possible to include all qualified applicants regardless of their financial status.


Our financial aid and Accessible to All (ATA) program depends on the many generous donations we receive monthly and annually from our beloved community. Most of our ATA recipients continue contributing for  years after graduation.. Please visit our Donate page if you would like to support Accessible to All. .


The San Diego program meets on the campus of The Waldorf School of San Diego High School Campus, in City Heights. 

Map to San Diego Campus

How Do I Apply?

Step 1 - get educated!  

  • Introduce yourself to Waldorf Education by doing some research and develop questions.

  • Attend an 'open house' or 'walk through the grades' in at least one Waldorf grades school in your area, and by read some articles or books related to Waldorf Education.

  • Visit the About Waldorf page for a list of our areaschools. You will also find web site links that include additional information about Waldorf education and contain reading lists, including The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and Steiner Books Anthroposophy Press.

  • Review our upcoming courses and special workshops. You are certainly welcome to attend a class of interest prior to or separate from,  joining the Waldorf Institute program.

Step 2 - what to expect in your training!

  • Browse our current student handbook and and schedules in the menus above.

  • Visit the Our Program page for schedules and a list of classes.

  • Make note of any questions you have.

  • Reach out to us to have an initial conversation and get your questions answered.

Step 3 - Apply!

  • Submit your application, resume, college and other applicable transcripts, letters of reference, and three one page introductory essays by our May 15, 2023 application deadline for Summer start.

  • Click Here to Download Student Enrollment Forms

Step 4:

  • Pay our one time application fee of $70.oo

  • You will be contacted to make an appointment for your mutual interview. We will explore together whether this program is a good fit.

  • Upon our mutual agreement to enroll in the program, you will be requested to complete registration forms and submit payment for supply fees and a $67.50 Student Tuition Recovery Fund Fee for the Bureau of Post Secondary Education prior to your first day of class.  **Note: If you are requesting an Accessible to All conversation you will have additional documents to submit and should anticipate 30 minutes to an hour of preparation prior to your conversation.  

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