About Waldorf Institute San Diego

Transforming the Lives of Children through Teachers and Parents Education


The Waldorf Institute San Diego is a teacher and parents education program that prepares people to become teachers in Waldorf schools or to bring elements of Waldorf education into other educational and family settings.


Our goal is to guide and support our student teachers on a journey of soul-spiritual development and transformation that will continue as life practice and enable them to realize their potential as practicing Waldorf teachers and parents.

Essential Elements of the WISC Experience

Developing an essential relation to anthroposophy, the spiritual understanding, and the path that is the source of Waldorf education.

Artistic Practice

Artistic activities are as abundant in the program as they are in the Waldorf classroom, an essential ingredient for our students' personal and curriculum-related development.

Collaborative Work

Collegial working is a key element in WISC. It begins in the collaborative working of the co-directing Core Groups in Los Angeles and San Diego who plan and administer the program and continues in the various collaborative projects they arrange for the students. As teacher-run or self-administered schools, Waldorf schools benefit significantly from teachers with preparatory and ongoing practice in listening, communicating, and working with colleagues in a group.

Practice in Curriculum and Foundation Studies

At WISC students have continuing opportunities to practice what they are learning by making presentations for each other and the instructor, often in collaboration with their classmates.


Observation and Practice Teaching in Waldorf Classrooms

At WISC we are always re-tuning our educational instrument to harmonize with the time and place we live in, and above all, with the individual students enrolled in the program.

New melodies are composed, variations added, as WISC continues to grow and develop, just as Waldorf teaching does.

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